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SegWit is currently in active development will be released over the next two months as a solution to have more space for transactional data by removing signatures from a transaction, leading to compressed transactions within blocks.

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The statement came soon after, Bitcoin Classic, an alternative hard fork released code.

Correcting misinformation on Segwit2x and btc1 Bitcoin Core 0.14.2 Released.Litecoin has released its 2017 roadmap as investors delight in sustained price growth and low volatility.It all started with Bitcoin,. recently introduced its development roadmap for 2017.

But unlike most protocols, there is preciously little documentation out.Decentralized music platform, VOISE has announced a successfully completed crowdsale, following which it has released an updated whitepaper and roadmap.

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Help update various libraries to support the new address type.We believe on-chain scaling is crucial for the long term health of Bitcoin.

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Beyond Segwit2x: Paul Sztorc Thinks Bitcoin Needs a New

In this CoinDesk 2016 in Review special feature, Uhr looks at how blockchain.Upgrades include a rebase from Bitcoin Core, the inclusion of strict.

Bitcoin Core Roadmap Unveils Own Optimization Plan

Bitcoin Core Roadmap Unveils Signature Optimization Plan

Nav Coin Continues Improving the Crypto-Platform Following the Release of.BIP173 - Bech32 addresses: more secure address format designed for segregated witness.

In May 2017, the New York Agreement was declared with the intention to tackle the technical and political roadmap.Litecoin has released its 2017 roadmap as investors delight in sustained price growth.Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are having serious slow-downs when they.

This hard-fork is expected to include features which are currently being discussed within technical communities, including an increase in the non-witness data to be around 2 MB, with the total size more than 4 MB, and will only be adopted with broad support across the entire Bitcoin community.While the whole bitcoin community is. boasts a unique technical roadmap.