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The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields.Only use those parameters that convey essential or notable information about the subject.Pun Bulung Pitatabnuan ning balen Kasalungsungan a mengapalyari Bayung mengayalili Andyang sanung bulung Saup Donasiun.Can also be used to indicate groups, schools of thought, etc. (but beware supposition ).This template makes it easy to create custom infoboxes for almost any situation.Infobox templates are fixed-format tables designed to be added to the top right-hand corner of.This template is used on most pages to display quick high-level information on the subject.If used, this should also include the year of the measurement if the person had not reached full adulthood when this stat was published.To use this template in an article, copy the template below, then paste the template into an article.

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This template shud be uised ti produce an Infobox for human settilments (ceities, touns, veilages, communities) as weil as ither admeinistrative destricts, coonties.Given a Wikipedia page like Wikipedia: Stack Overflow there are often Infoboxes (mostly on the right hand at the top of the page).

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Include the relationship in parentheses after the name (sister, uncle, etc).This template is used in conjuncture with the template for voice actors when listing.

A combination of the above, such as Professor of Mathematics and Fellow of the Royal Society for Bill Parry.

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Place of death: city, administrative region, sovereign state.

Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.The pages listed in this category are meant to be infobox templates.

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For unmarried life partners (of any gender or sexual preference), not business partners.Welcome to FANDOM Templates The wiki collating wiki templates.It is not meant for use directly in an article, but can be used on a.Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.

Title(s) of notable work(s) (publications, compositions, sculptures, films, etc.) by the subject, if any.Can also be used to indicate groups, schools of thought, etc. (but beware grandiose claims and supposition ).

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May be used instead of citizenship (below) or vice versa in cases where any confusion could result.Should only be used if nationality cannot be inferred from the birthplace.